Salad of Duck

Salad of Duck Carpaccio and Duck Leg Rillette
Sunchoke Cream ~ Pomegranate ~ Figs
Fig Glaze

A rich satisfying start to an elegant evening.
The thinly sliced duck breast carpaccio
encrusted with orange zest and allspice
lays on a silky sunchoke cream.
Garnished with bursts of pomegranate seeds,
ginger syrup, and figs, this festive light carpaccio is almost
as enjoyable to look at as it is to eat.

Alongside is a cured duck leg rillette mixed with Robiola cheese
nesting on fig glaze.
Sometimes refinement can be enjoyed through its simplicity; taking a bite after running a knife through this creamy rillette and spreading it on crusty french bread is wonderfully comforting.

Pan Roasted Venison

 Pan Roasted Venison Loin
Fondant Potatoes ~ Sauteed Summer Squashes
Vintage Port Reduction


Searing venison in clarified butter
tossing in aromats
and deglazing with cognac
is an amazingly elegant direction to go in
with this incredibly robust meaty game.

Serving these medallions alongside texturally creamy herbed potatoes,
and a zesty relish of summer squashes, red onions,
and peppers topped with
the yolk of a quail egg;
it seems only benefiting
to place them all together
on a deep rich buttery vintage port reduction, doesn’t it?
The spicy crisp of the black pepper tuile adds a refined excitement as well as
a trellis for the pea shoot.