Filet of Sole

Sauteed Filet of Sole
Langoustine ~ Salsify ~ Cauliflower Cream
Passion Fruit Sauce
This course has quickly become many of our guests favorite
and I can fully understand why.


The delicateness of the sauteed sole offers the elegance needed for this dynamic course.
Laying in the passion fruit sauce is a
Satiny Salsify Puree,
Creamy Cauliflower studded
with Leeks,
and sweet
pieces of warm
Garlic Oil infused Langoustine,
whose texture adds a meaty bite
to the lean sole.
A golden Seafood Croquette placed in the sauce ties
everything together and could even be served as an appetizer on its own.


 Passion fruit is naturally bright, sour, and acidic.
is when one has the confidence to not shy away from it,
but instead is
able to play directly into it;
adding sugar and other tart bright liquids
that ensures its eruptive flavor is unleashed.
Trying to tame it is futile.
Introducing cream, oils, and textures will certainly play off of it, allowing this captivating flavor to explode.



I am now looking forward to when our summer truffles arrive…
this course will be brought into another glorious direction.


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