Little Sweets

Raspberry Jellies

Walnut Divinity
Tropical S’more:
Shortbread ~ White Chocolate & Lemongrass ~ Marshmallow
Passion Fruit Jellies
Dark Chocolate Pear Ginger Truffle:
Orange Mascarapone ~ Gold Dust
Raspberry Lemon Cake

Inspiration comes to each of us at different times during the day, and I am completely energized when I can witness this

and be caught up in it.
Sometimes we see one of our chefs totally immersed in infusing sugars with all sorts of spices, herbs, and teas until we are all thinking of ways to use them; sugared rims for soups, infused gelees for setting on Bavarian, coatings for white chocolate truffles…
the flavors are infinite.

A conversation can quickly spark curiosity and ignite enthusiasm when turning oils into powders,
and with knowledge one can execute what they imagine;
turning cocoa butter into a powder within seconds to quickly garnish a chocolate dessert on the fly.

A new plate inspires us in countless ways and seems to redirect and redefine our approach to cuisine, this somehow opens us up to new ideas and allows creativity to direct our day. Arriving at work yesterday and being handed a tropical s’more was just one of those days we chefs love to work for.

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