Chocolate Chiboust

Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate Chiboust
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake ~ Raspberry n’ Cream
Cocoa Nib Brittle ~ Chocolate Snowball
Chocolate Sauce ~  Raspberry Syrup

Bruleeing a chiboust is so rewarding.

Firstly it looks great, really great.
 More importantly it changes the temperature of the dessert to something that is both warm and frozen which is great, really really great.
Thirdly it adds a depth of flavor with caramelization of a crispy chocolatey sugary crust that is really great, really really undeniably great.

This dessert reminds me of my moms chocolate mousse that she would make for special occasions and allow to set in the fridge overnight, tempting and taunting us, as they set there, unguarded, in those beautiful fluted glasses in the the fridge overnight.

Oh… how close those came to not making it to the table; with three of us kids opening the door again and again imagining how fun it would be to spoon a big globby bite of that cool rich satisfyingly addictive chocolate mousse with the cold sweet whipped cream that cut through the richness into our mouths and all over our faces sending us into a bliss that could only end with the reality of what would happen to us if we did the irresistible…

If given the chance to go back, I think I would have to give in…
and I’m almost sure my folks would understand.

It only makes sense that we place another smaller version of this dessert onto the plate that mimics the main components; redefines the flavors, and introduces textures that assist us in reinterpreting this classic pairing of chocolate, raspberries and cream.

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