Ronna and I met over 17 years ago when we were competing against each other for the same job.  Fortunately they hired both of us.  We recently celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary, and have two amazing children.

When our daughter Quintessa was one and a half, over 9 years ago, Ronna and I decided that if we were going to realize our goals of gaining international experience that would be the perfect time.

We planned to live and work oversees for around three to five years. The time has come and gone so quickly and we have been quite fortunate to experience life in exotic places, some in incredibly remote settings, as well as travel as often as we can during our holidays.

We have learned an incredible amount about cultures, traditions, cuisine, and how fundamental these three things are to our extraordinary family. Our son Liam who is now five is quite accustomed to long train rides, airplanes, and buses. We are fortunate that our kids get as excited about visiting these lands as we do. We have surpassed our initial goal of spending five years abroad, and are still absolutely loving it.


All of the food photos for this blog were taken by me, something that I am becoming quite proud of.

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