King Crab Salad

Study of King Crab

I am incredibly fortunate to work amongst a team of chefs that allow this cuisine to evolve.
I think in part this has to do with the way we approach our day. We continuously adapt to our stations making proper adjustments instilling
order and organization to create and recreate these courses each night.
As we become more familiar with each of the courses and when we realize the best ways for us to execute them in our space  we seem to work more efficiently.
In this type of positive kitchen environment the food makes sense to us, and at times it seems as if the courses themselves take on their own
personalities so to speak, where all we as chefs have to do is communicate positively and pay attention; to our stations, our products,
 each other, and the plates that we are working on; and we will intuitively see where the course needs coaxing, where to hold back,
where to highlight, and on a busy night put it all together without missing a beat. Because of this, and the feeling of a little pressure, our team allows these courses to evolve.
Salad of King Crab
Avocado Cream ~ Toasted Pistachios ~ Enokis
Tomato Cumin Vinaigrette

I could type on and on about the conception, flavors and textures, the
enjoyable moments preparing this course, and explain what I think about
the composition…but instead
I hope you are able to one day taste this…
and I hope you enjoy.