Third Courses

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl are such beautiful birds with their magnificent dotted feathers and African ancestry. For years I have admired them and hope to one day have a little bit of land and raise these dignified birds.
Roasted and Braised Guinea Fowl
Chanterelle Mushrooms ~ Blueberries ~ Salsify
Cous Cous Blini ~ Robiola Cheese
Blueberry Sauce



It’s that time of year again when the chanterelles and blueberries are growing right on top of each other. Our kids love it when we stop to pick mushrooms and they load as many plump juicy blueberries in and around their mouths… knowing that soon we will be feasting on both of these at home.



It’s with this thought in mind that the blini fits so nicely among these earthly delights. It kind of has that whole blueberry pancake thing going on, although savory, incredibly vibrant, refined, and luxurious.



Braising the legs, picking the meat, and binding them with Robiola cheese makes for a classically braised crispy rillette to place in this naturally spicy Norwegian Blåbær Saus.
Slicing through this crispy fatty skin revealing a tender juicy piece of seasoned breast meat that is so confidently perched on these warm summer time treats proves yet again that cooking with the seasons makes so much sense.